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Friday, August 31, 2018

Opening the Door to September

 Hey everyone!

I haven't posted in a while- I just started school this week and have been organizing and running orientation week. It has been a crazy summer for sure. 

A little while ago, I took some photos at a nearby village. It has the quaintest shops and restaurants and the cutest historic buildings! I couldn't resist taking tons of photos by the red building and brick walls. 

I'm finding it difficult as September comes to find seasonally appropriate outfits.  It has been cooler here for the last fews days, but I refuse to wear jeans and a sweater until August is actually over (I'm trying desperately to hold onto summer!). I tend to find myself wearing light coloured pieces but in more "fall" styles. This outfit below is a perfect example- I wore a long sleeve dress shirt paired with a summery seersucker skirt. Just yesterday, I wore white pants with a cream sweater- I was warm enough for the cool weather but still summery. Nonetheless, I am dying to start wearing my plaid and riding boots! My luck September will be like last year and be hotter than July! 

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how they balance summer weather while dying to wear falls clothes, please leave a comment! And for everyone starting school again- have an amazing year!