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Friday, January 4, 2019

Decorating for Winter- Faux Fur, Plaid and Wood

Happy 2019! 

I hope everyone had a very happy holidays and new year!!  I put my Christmas decorations away a couple of days before new years as all the decorations plus the new gifts we brought home were overwhelming. I just needed a fresh and organized home. However, after cleaning and putting everything back into storage, our apartment felt empty.  

I would love to start decorating for spring (I'm thinking lots of greenery, yellows and pinks!), however since we aren't even a week into January, I thought it was a bit too early. Instead, I decided to decorate for winter. 

Most people only decorate for Christmas and once the holidays are over, the house is back to normal. I still wanted our apartment to have that cozy feeling it did when I had all the reds, greens, golds and plaids for Christmas. I decided to go with a faux fur, plaid and wood look with touches of green throughout the apartment.  

My mom and I always go boxing day shopping to find Christmas/holiday stuff super cheap. This year, rather than buying wrapping paper and the like, I opted for Christmas decor that wasn't actually "Christmas". For example, I bought two new faux fur blankets (the "moose" and the "fox") and plaid pillows with faux fur trim (two in blue plaid and two in a red plaid). These items were all on sale (the pillows were 75% off!) because they were considered "Christmas" but there is nothing Christmas-y about them. Frankly, winter just started and it only recently snowed, so I still think it is totally acceptable to have some cozy faux fur and plaid around the house. 

I also found some great wood and green items. I think wood items are so versatile and can be used year round. However, with the faux fur and plaid decor I currently have, the wood items give the apartment an extra cozy, cabin-y feel.  The wood board serves as a perfect charcuterie board (I used the one below for New Year's Eve) but also can be used to place candles, books, etc. on a coffee table.  

I have also purchased a few green items including pine candles and topiary items (I'll add different colour ribbons for each season).  I think this is also a great way to start transitioning to spring and give the space a fresh feeling. 

For Christmas, I also got moose flannel sheets which I think are perfect for this time of year when Christmas sheets aren't really appropriate but it is still so nice to sleep in flannel. The few other items, including Catan, were gifts we received and add to the cozy winter vibe. 

How do you decorate for the winter season once the holidays are over? Let me know in the comments!