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Friday, January 26, 2018

Celebrating a Friday Night In

I am not a person that typically goes out on a Friday night.  However, I 100% think that everyone should celebrate the end of the work/school week and beginning on two full days of sleeping in.  (I am very sorry if you work on weekends, but still think you should celebrate!).

Lately my favourite thing to do on Friday nights (and really any night) is put on a pair of my comfortable and fashionably preppy pajamas, drink a nice cup of hot tea, and either read or watch a movie.

My best friend gave me a David's Tea fruit pack and the teas are simply to die for!   They smell as good as they taste! My current favourite is the pear blossom.  They unfortunately are no longer available as a set as they were a part of the holiday collections.  I've linked some of my other favourites to try here, here and here.  

I am also currently trying to read for fun every night.  As a law student, all I do is read.  But reading for fun is something I still enjoy and try to do often.  I've used a Kindle Paperwhite for the last few years and as much as I love actual books, I absolutely love my Kindle.  I find it is super convenient while commuting back and forth to school and work and allows me to switch between books depending on my mood! I also have the app on my phone and use that when I forget to bring my actual Kindle with me.  I have a cover on it that looks like an actual book and looks quite good on my coffee table/nightstand. 

As I mentioned, I love fashionable pjs.  I received these Ralph Lauren ones for Christmas.  My parents got me the matching robe last Christmas and even though they are a bit festive, I cannot give up the plaid and warmth! They are also on sale! 

Here's hoping you have a great weekend! 


Monday, January 22, 2018

Casual Saturday Stroll

The weather here has been absolutely frigid the last couple of weeks, but this Saturday we seemed to get a bit of a reprieve with a unusually warm January day.  Of course I took advantage running errands and just had to go for a walk through some of the beautiful homes (aka mansions) nearby.  Full disclosure I do NOT live in a mansion.  I live in a one bedroom apartment.  And of course I had to take pictures of my outfit sans coat.    

This sweater has been on my list for ages except everytime I tried to order it, it was sold out online! I finally found it in store a couple of weeks ago on clearance.  It was the only one left and clearance was an extra 50% off.  How could I say no? 

I have also been dying to have this new Dooney & Burke bag.  I had wanted it for ages but could never justify spending the money on a new bag.  My parents ended up giving it to me for Christmas and I have been using it everyday since! I have a nylon D&B bag that I used throughout university and now in law school and find it is super durable and the leather still looks amazing.  This leather one feels and looks even better.  It's quite roomy on the inside so I can fit everything I need and looks good with just about every outfit!  

I also received these G.H. Bass shoes for Christmas and love them! The leather was a bit stiff at first but after a few wears, they've completely molded to my feet!  Another classic shoe every prep should have in their wardrobe! If you can't tell I have a soft spot for tassels.      

Sweater: J Crew Jeans: J Crew Factory Bag: Dooney & Burke Shoes: G.H. Bass Sunglasses: Gucci  

About Me

Hi! I'm Bianca.

I'm a third year law student living in Toronto, Canada.  Beyond my love of law, I love fashion and decorating.  I adore preppy New England styles and I always try to put a little prep in my step- even up here in the frigid North.  I have always loved decorating and after having to move so many times during university, I developed a knack for re-doing furniture and creating my own home decor.  I decided to start a blog to showcase my style and lifestyle.  I also needed a creative outlet from reading too many law books!  

I hope you enjoy!