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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

How to Add a Little Lobster to Your Life

If I had to choose a spirit animal, it would be a lobster. I love to both eat and wear them! I've talked about how I love nautical and preppy things, but I think sometimes you can go overboard with it (I also love puns). The key is incorporating subtle details into an outfit or your home that gives the overall feeling of being in a beach house on the coast without actually looking like a sailor.

Lobsters are one of my go to nautical/preppy items. I've gathered a few of my favourite lobster things in this post.  The mug is honestly my favourite all time mug. First of all its huge (it holds two full cups) and it is so preppy it makes me smile. I also love the lobster pattern skirt.  I bought it on super clearance a few weeks ago and everywhere I go, I get compliments. It is such a fun piece for summer.   I can't wait to buy the other lobster clothes, accessories, and home decor!