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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Nautical Bedroom Design

Besides fashion, my other passion is home decor and decorating.  In August, my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment together.  We both have a similar tastes when it comes to home decor, but I like a more feminine flair, while he prefers the man cave aesthetic. We both love preppy style so I decided to go with a navy and white theme.  I didn't want my room to look like a beach house or a tacky cruise ship suit, so I went for subtle nautical touches.

Being a law student, I didn't have extra money to splurge on decor.  We obviously bought the necessities (bed frame, mattresses, etc).  For my student apartments, I used mainly IKEA furniture and perfected IKEA hacks (that will eventually be another post!), but wanted our place to have a more grown-up classic vibe.  Nothing against IKEA furniture, but it can be a bit modern for my taste.  On the other hand, real wood furniture and antique pieces can be super expensive!  

Most of the furniture (the dresser, chest and nightstands- basically everything but the bed) I re-painted or re-did.  I couldn't find any furniture I liked and navy is not a common colour!  

This chest is actually the IKEA Malmo 6 drawer dresser.  I could only find it in the black but decided to paint it navy.  I used Dulux paint in the colour 'rich navy'.  It was just interior paint.  The furniture paints can be double the price and unless you are super rough with furniture, they aren't necessary.  I used a quart of paint for this dresser and both of my nightstands.  I also put the lion head pulls on each drawer.  I think they add a classic touch and make the dresser look way more expensive.  I bought them at my local Home Depot for $2.50 each (I used 12 in total).  I found Home Depot was the cheapest place for knobs but did have less of a selection compared to other stores.           

I found these two nightstands at a thrift store.  They were originally yellow and the tops were all scratched and worn.  I painted the bottoms the same navy as the dresser and re-finished the tops with a darker stain and gloss.  I polished the handles (they were almost black).  I used three coats of paint for each piece and waited a few hours in between coats.  I painted outside in July so drying time was minimal.  Just be careful of rain and bugs! I brought the pieces inside once they were dry (a bit tacky) so bugs and dirt wouldn't stick.        

I also re-painted this dresser.  It was actually my mom's that she had in her room as a teenager (in the 80s!!).  A similar dresser at my local boutique furniture shop was over $1200!!  This was actually the first piece of furniture that I re-did a few years back for my student apartment.  It was a gold/yellow colour but I painted it an off-white (it's more white than off-white).  I used primer and paint from Canadian Tire, again just interior paint.  I only painted one coat of each as it was light coloured to start with. 

I bought my headboard at a local Wayfair discount store and it was 40% the retail price.  I debated between grey and beige but ended up buying the beige as I though it would be more timeless.  I really wanted white bedding with a blue stripe.  Pottery Barn was the only place that seemed to have it but it was hundreds of dollars.  I ended up finding this comforter set at Homesense.  It is very thick and actually good quality! I am currently using blue and white plaid sheets but used a red plaid during the holidays.  I also have sheets in a blue and white strip, a red stripe, and classic navy.  I am using a navy bedskirt to tie all the colours together and hide storage under the bed.  The pillows are from various places and have all been under $10!


The only other piece of furniture in the room is a rocking chair that was actually in my nursery! My mom always tells me the story about how she only wanted a white rocking chair (apparently they were impossible to find in the 90s!) and my dad surprised her with it at her baby shower! For being over 20 years old it is in great shape!  I put a navy chair cushion and some fun pillows to dress it up.  I also draped my favourite Ralph Lauren blanket over the back (I scored this blanket for $15 at a Marshalls last chance clearance!)  

My paintings/pictures bring in the nautical touches.  The painting above the bed I bought at Homesense.  I searched for a long time for a painting of sail boats that had more navy than teal colours.  This one was $40.  

The rest of the pictures are actually scrapbooking paper I found at Michaels.  I originally wanted vintage prints but couldn't find any!  The whale and octopus were considered 'prints' and were a bit more expensive than normal scrapbooking paper.  They have a glossier finish and are a bit bigger.  I bought all of the white frames at Michaels from the clearance section.  

These other pictures were actual scrapbooking paper.  The left and right were bought at Michaels and the middle anchor I actually printed at home!  They are in 4 by 6 frames.  

I added various touches throughout the room.  My boyfriend and I love football so there are a few football pieces.  I added flowers and plaid candles I recently bought discounted after Christmas.  I also added nautical decor around the room (coral, a sailboat, a rope, a bird).  

The only thing I did splurge on was my lamps.  They have a clear base and navy blue lamp shades  and honestly complete the room.  I bought Pier 1 Imports, and did still get them on sale! 

I hope you've enjoyed this room tour as much as I did designing and decorating it!!  



  1. I love your room, it looks so cute! I can't wait to see your Ikea hacks, they're some of my favourite posts!

    Felicity | http://oliverandmoose.com

    1. Thank you so much! I agree! I love turning simple things into something magazine worthy LOL!

  2. You did a fabulous job with the bedroom! I love the navy drawers and the gingham cushions. As for the Homesense painting for $40-what a hit!


    1. Thank you so much!! I love a good deal- I'm all about saving money!